Set Your Mind

Friends, I’ve written this before but it certainly bears repeating…What we focus upon can eventually consume us. And what consumes us, ultimately leads us. And what leads us, inevitably rules our hearts. And what rules our hearts, most assuredly becomes our hope.

Sisters, in what or in whom are you placing your Hope? In a world where many voices compete for your attention, please open-up that Bible and focus upon what God says. Fill your mind with Truth, and be utterly consumed with the Gospel that saved you…No other words are more important. Set your mind on things above…Hope in Him!

God wants to renew our minds, not remove them.

RC Sproul

How to Read the Bible

What is the Difference Between Exegesis and Eisegesis? By GotQuestions ✏️

55 minutes with Professor Walt Russell, “Why We Need Hermeneutics”
3 minutes with Mike Winger. We need the Bible as to “test the spirits” (1 John 4:1).

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