Human Trafficking Awareness

“Your Eyes Save Lives” – Kentucky Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign:

Per this resource, a person may be subject to sex trafficking if they:

  • Appear submissive, fearful, or nervous.
  • Lack control of identification documents or money.
  • Have an inconsistent or well-rehearsed story about where they live, the relationship with the person they are with, or how they traveled to the current location.
  • Dress inappropriately for the weather, their location, or age.
  • Are in the presence of an overtly controlling or concerned friend or boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Possess multiple hotel key cards, prepaid credit cards, or cellphones.
  • Show signs of physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
  • Seem unable to come and go as they please.

A person may be subject to labor trafficking if they:

  • Appear to live at their place of employment.
  • Are transported in a group by the employer or someone who is part of the employer’s organization.
  • Experience restricted or monitored movement.
  • Do not control their identification documents.
  • Earn wages below the state’s minimum wage.
  • Are constantly indebted to the employer.
  • Show signs of physical abuse, isolation, and starvation.

More Resources:


Operation Underground Railroad:

The Samaritan Women:

Tim Tebow Foundation:

The Jensen Project:

Valiant Hearts:

Scarlet Hope:

Terebinth Refuge:

The GreenLight Project:

The Samaritan Women

“The Samaritan Women offers these resources to encourage you to use YOUR VOICE to advocate against sexual exploitation. This is a national problem, and it will take each of us doing our part in our own communities to raise awareness and solicit change. We invite you to use these resources as a way to take your next step in learning more about this issue.”  

The Samaritan Women is passionate about educating the community on the realities of sex trafficking, how to protect the vulnerable, and how to engage the Church.”

  • Help raise awareness by requesting one of our trainings (virtual or in-person) for your church, school, coworkers, or other circle of influence.
  • Join The Shepherd Project Speaker Series to receive tools and training from experts on how faith communities can respond to sexual abuse.

The Samaritan Women want to help “Equip Your Church:”
Create a culture of safety and transparency by educating your staff and community about sexual abuse and trafficking. Put safeguards in place, teach sermons about abuse, and bring training to your congregation.

Interested in learning more? Join The Shepherd Project Speaker Series to receive tools and training from experts on how the Church can respond to sexual abuse

Register for our training: The T.A.M.A.R. Method: Ministering to Victims of Sexual Trauma

More from The Samaritan Women Resource page regarding “Talking to Your Kids”:

Interested in learning more? Visit our other resource pages for more information on Child AbusePornography, and Sexual Assault

Register for our training: Vulnerable Youth: Identifying Predators and Protecting Children

A sister-in-Christ who lived advocacy well as was Harriet Tubman. She was someone who experienced more brutality, heartbreak, and injustice than most will ever endure. And yet she lovingly and courageously trusted God… boldly rescuing hundreds from slavery in the mid-1800’s. Of all of the people I will have the honor of meeting in Heaven, she is one I am beyond thrilled to hug.

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