Do you know someone who has endured this kind of heartbreak?   

Until Steve and I had walked-through that valley of loss, we couldn’t wrap our minds around the grief others had felt via miscarriage.  C.S. Lewis encompasses it all so well in his quote: “Experience is the most brutal of teachers but you learn, my God, do you learn.”  So what did Steve and I learn from our 3 miscarriages?

1) That we need God’s love so desperately. Troubles will come, but He is with us through them all. (John 16, Hebrews 13)

2) That community is precious and invaluable. Bringing a meal may seem simple…but believe me, it’s impactful and extremely loving. 

3) That attempts to comfort are appreciated. You might not feel confident in giving an “adequate” response (I can relate)…but please know that reaching-out means a great deal. Asking how they are doing and listening is like a hug for the heart.

4) When I heard that I was pregnant, my heart expanded into “mom-mode” before I knew what was happening.  Love flooded into spaces of my being that I didn’t know were there…thus, hearing the words, “your baby,” validates the loss deeply.  

5) Pray.  This is the most loving and impactful gift anyone can give; especially for someone who is hurting from miscarriage.  Going back to #1: We all need Jesus.  

Our first miscarriage happened when I was a Speech and Language Pathologist for a wonderful school in Carmel, Indiana. The way my coworkers responded encouraged me immensely! My Principal compassionately provided me with time-off to grieve, and my colleagues showered me with listening ears, hugs, and cards. They didn’t need to have the right words… just acknowledging that something painful had occurred was more than enough at the time. And I was always be grateful.

What a glorious day it will be when i greet Rose, Ruthie, and Ruby face-to-face! ♥️ As WaterMark’s song, Glory Baby, words it: “Heaven was the only Home they’ll ever know.”

Hoping this personal experience of ours helps others.

Much love!♥️🤗

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