Revisiting Hermeneutics

What is Hermeneutics, and why is it important? It’s my prayer that the article by GotQuestions and the teaching by Dr Walt Russell reinforce how fundamental these study guidelines truly are! Let’s open-up our Bibles and allow God’s Word to both renew our minds and guide our hearts…each and every day. His, Meridith The following … Continue reading Revisiting Hermeneutics

Resources to Learn Hermeneutics, By STR

AUTHOR Alan Shlemon PUBLISHED ON 02/10/2022 If I were asked what one thing every believer should study, it would be hermeneutics. What's hermeneutics, you might ask? It's the study of biblical interpretation. It’s about learning the proper principles to help you understand what God is saying in his Word. Last week, I wrote an article where I … Continue reading Resources to Learn Hermeneutics, By STR

Let’s Get into God’s Word, Mamas!

Are you wanting to study the Bible with your children but don’t know where to begin? First and foremost,… “Way to go, Mama!!” Getting into God’s Word is what you and your kiddos need so, very much! Therefore, it’s my genuine prayer that this post will be encouragement to you! Which Study should I choose? … Continue reading Let’s Get into God’s Word, Mamas!