Why We Should Test Everything…

Have you heard of the Orange Curriculum? It’s apparently an extremely popular Sunday School programming across numerous churches in North America. However, is it teaching a Biblical Worldview (God’s Word accurately)?

The following two videos are provided on this post as to examine the Orange Curriculum through a Biblical lens, as well as to bring to bear how easily we can be sucked into following our emotions in leu of Scripture (and prayer). Doing so can be genuinely dangerous for all of us. And God wants us to be aware of this (Proverbs 3; Psalm 139; 1 John 4:1). Sisters, God cares more about you and your loved-ones than anyone could. We should trust Him.

Shared below is a screenshot of Alisa Childers’s video description of the interview Theology Mom (Krista Bontrager) arranged with Monique Duson, Natasha Crain, and Alisa. I pray these clips encourage many sisters to open up their bibles and to “live in (and out of)” God’s Word.

“Visit many good books that live in the Bible.” (Not the other way around) ☺️

Charles Spurgeon

Much love, Meridith

“Jesus Came to Prove the Worth of Humans?” by Krista Bontrager, Monique Duson, Alisa Childers, and Natasha Crain

Alisa Childers YouTube
12 minutes with Natasha Crain, Alisa Childers, Monique Duson, and Krista Bontrager. “Felt Needs vs Real Needs”
2:25 minutes Full Interview

What is Progressive Christianity?

60 minutes with Alisa Childers and Michael Kruger
56 minutes with Mike Winger @ Desert Apologetics Conference

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